Great views paired with a fun and scenic hike is what you can expect on imagesour Petroglyph Canyon Hike.  Spend 2-3 hours with a private guide hiking to and through Petroglyph canyon.  See great views of the valley of the sun, ancient rock drawings/art and beautiful Sonoran desert flora and fauna.


This hike is a loop images (1)and is rated moderate.  Variations to this loop are available.



Petroglyph Canyon Hike and Rappel

Spend 3hrs with a private guide hiking into Petroglyph canyon, seeing ancient rock drawings/art and then finispetroglyph canyon hikehing with a rappel. This is also a loop hike with the rappelling experience being at the end of the loop hike.

This hike is moderate in difficulty and the rappel is perfect for beginner-intermediate skill level.

We recommend good hiking shoes and breathable/flexible clothing.  Please give us a call or email for more details.