Our Yosemite package is the next step up from the Zion package.

This 3-4 hour package will begin with an introductory rappel on our Cholla Boulder. A great place to warm up and learn the basics. After you’ve learned how to descend in control, you will find yourself traversing high above the canyon floor to reach the top of your next rappel. A series of safety lines and personal anchor systems will keep you safe as you scramble across the cliff. Advanced rappelling and rock climbing adventure.

The second rappel will have you experiencing the exposure of a much higher and steeper cliff to negotiate. After making it down safely from your second rappel, your instructor will set up the ropes for some technical rock climbing. In this scenario a top-rope setup will keep the climber safe from any fall potential, just like at the indoor climbing gyms. After giving it your best on our two introductory climbs you will move over to your final rappel. The final Gila Rappel will have you descending a 65ft vertical cliff. Its ending gets very exciting as the rock cuts away and you find yourself dangling in space for the last 25ft. If you havn’t had enough already, your instructor will encourage you to try several more challenging rock climbs or another lap on the Gila!

  • More Exposed Mountain Traverse

    Begin with the Cholla Rappel (35ft, low angle), Climb to the top of the “Classroom Wall” and descend its face back down to the traverse ledge (45ft, steep angle), then conquer the exposure on the Gila Rappel. (65ft, vertical)

  • Learn to Climb and Ascend Steep Cliffs

    A series of safety lines will keep you attached to the cliff as you hike, climb, and scramble your way around the mountain. This traverse is mandatory to reach the rappel anchors and is suited for most people. Though heights, exposure, loose terrain, and moderately challenging moves are present.

  • The Phoenix King Swing

    Our instructors will teach you the basics of outdoor technical rock climbing and give you a safe top-rope belay. If you have ever been interested in trying the sport of rock climbing, we have a great opportunity to try some beginner friendly routes and challenge yourself just a short hike from your car and restrooms.

The Nitty Gritty

This package is very hands on. Your instructors will always bring an educational approach to each activity and are happy to answer your questions. Want to try something again? Not a problem. We want each participant to walk away feeling challenged, confident, safe, and successful.

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