Phoenix Ropes Course and Zipline – ESCAPE PACKAGE

Our Escape package is a combination of our Cholla Rappel and High Adventure Course.

This 3 hour package will begin with an introductory rappel on our Cholla Boulder. A great place to warm up and get comfortable hanging in your harness. After you’ve learned how to descend in control, you will find yourself hiking over to our high ropes course where 10 different challenges await!

Begin by climbing 30ft above the ground to our zip-line platform where you can zip off and soar 300ft across the Sonoran desert or tackle up to 7 different obstacles suspended above the ground before returning to the zip-line exit. After monkeying around on the high ropes course and zip-lining back to the ground next you will head to the Leap of the Faith. An elevated trust fall, climb 30 ft to a platform and “walk the plank” or take the trust fall and go backwards. After a short and exciting free fall you will come to a safe and secure stop suspended by the safety rope. Within seconds you will be safely lowered to the ground. If you still haven’t had enough, we have our confidence pole to try. Climb to the top and balance on a 1 foot diameter pole. Can you handle the challenge?

  • Experience the Canyon and the Course

    Begin with the Cholla Rappel, a nice 35ft descent down the side of a massive boulder smack dab in the middle of a beautiful canyon. Access the Cholla boulder by a short 5 minute hike. Enjoy amazing views of the Valley of the Sun! After that walk over to our High Ropes Course and experience those challenges.

  • 7 High Ropes Course Challenges and a Zip-Line

    Make your way across the incomplete bridge, then transition onto the infamous cargo net! From there choose either the rope swings or the hanging vines! You’ll be smiling either way as you make it to your next rest spot. Attempt the Postmans Walk to the High Log for a great lap around the course. Make your way back for a fun and relaxing zip-line ride back down to the desert floor.

  • The Leap of Faith

    This could be our most thrilling activity. The Leap of Faith will have participants climbing 30 feet above the ground and leaping into space! Choose from 3 options each with a unique challenge to them. If you got the energy we’ll let you try all three! A great way to end a fun day out with Rappel Arizona!

The Nitty Gritty

This package is very hands on. Your instructors will always bring an educational approach to each activity and are happy to answer your questions. Want to try something again? Not a problem. We want each participant to walk away feeling challenged, confident, safe, and successful.

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